Tempora vitae is Latin for “periods of life”. During different times of our life we embody or incorporate different longings, values, and language. The energy of the youth, the seriousness of the adults, the wisdom of old age, they eventually serve the same purpose, that is the re-creation of life. Life is a journey through time. We hear and experience what is said and done before us, we re-create what we received, and we pass it on to the next generation. We do somehow need to connect the different stages of our lives. We can only achieve that if our lives are not only a matter of self-determination (I choose what I like) but have a destiny, serve some purpose beyond our arbitrary self-interest. That is not only true for our individual lives, but also for the life of societies.

In my life I moved from theology through philosophy to sociology. I was raised as the fourth child in a big reformed family in a village in the eastern part of the Netherlands, born ten years after the second world war, when all the turmoil apparently, seemingly, has come to rest. My father had served as a soldier in Indonesia and had become a truck driver transporting cattle after the war. He hadn’t finished his education due to the war and due to his military service in Indonesia.