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In 2014 I published the book Planetary Responsibilities: an Ethics of Timing, Wipf and Stock, Oregon, 210 pp., $24,78

An ethics of timing – each moment in time requires a responsible answer. New values emerge with new challenges.  But we also draw from former learning experiences, values, human qualities. How does social dialogue create a common support base for dealing with change? How can economics and politics be effectively organized by such interaction? How to answer questions of intercultural management and peace and prevent a clash of civilizations?

Differences should not be erased, but coordinated by timely alternation. By listening to the time we are in and to each other a common standard and understanding is created for the way to go. The heritage of Western (Christian?) modernity can be coordinated with older layers of culture and management from the east and the south. This makes for planetary biographies: like once the planets in the sky were constantly on the move in always surprising windings now human individuals have to find their way by making creative use of the existing value repertoire of a great many traditions. Such a type of intercultural management contributes to the re-creation of the planet. In the process people find their personal destination in a unique planetary biography.